Product Technology Center for the company R & D institutions, since its inception in 2011 has been 5 years, the current development staff of 99 people, with a doctoral degree 1, master's degree or above 18 staff, undergraduate and above 85 staff, with more than industry veteran Of the system and BMS R & D personnel, the key core positions with more than 8 years development experience. Under the integrated management department, a software development, two, hardware development, structural development, advanced technology, testing and verification, the Ministry of application of the Ministry of batteries and other eight departments. With the power battery pack and BMS independent development and design capabilities, always with "high security, high stability" for research and development guidelines, in the thermal management, electric field management, structural strength design, to solve the battery life, aging uneven And other issues have unique solutions, in the main, passive balancing technology, battery status online estimation, security strategy, also in the industry-leading level.

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