Corporate mission innovation to drive new energy world progress

Sunwoda based on science and technology and model innovation, build new energy and its derivative industry platform to build a new energy integration solutions for the ecological system to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry, change the social energy consumption structure, to create greater value for the stakeholders

Innovation drive: innovation has become the driving force for the development of the first driving force to accelerate the development from the traditional scale of business driven to innovation-driven development. Business theory innovation to provide "brain power", scientific and technological innovation to provide "the main force", model innovation to provide "the driving force", cultural innovation to provide "soft power." Business innovation from the attention to the product to focus on the development of the industry; scientific and technological innovation to seek new energy cutting-edge technology research and development breakthrough; model innovation to explore business platform and organizational platform; cultural innovation is committed to the long-term security law and self-driven amoeba culture and partners culture.

New energy world progress: refers to the new energy business platform for progress, new energy industry progress, new energy society progress, Sunwoda stakeholder progress.

New energy platform for the progress: efforts to become the industry value chain organizers, bringing together the advantages of the world's cooperative enterprises, front-end customer resources, back-end supply chain resources, build a shared new energy industry platform to drive new energy business model changes.

New energy industry progress: the existence of new energy industry technology, materials, costs and other unresolved issues, industry bottlenecks means that industry opportunities, we assume the role of leading the transformation of the new energy industry to drive the world to the new era of healthy new energy changes.

New energy society progress: Every leap forward in human civilization has its energy base, from fossil energy to new energy changes, will greatly change the way of human production, beautify people's lives, promote human civilization into a new stage.

Sunwoda stakeholders progress: Sunwoda  and customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders emotions and interests, and the total, the fate of a total, create a cause. Through continuous innovation, to create greater value, so that stakeholders enjoy career achievements and higher quality of life.

[Corporate vision] become a respected world-class new energy ompanies

The team's dream to drive the development of enterprises, we are willing to pay unremitting efforts to create a new energy industry ecological platform, so that Sunwoda  become the idea of integration, benefit sharing, ideal to go to the world-class new energy companies, to achieve a billion Business dream.

Respected by the enterprise: not only because our products are recognized by the market, but was respected from the heart respect and respect and recognition; through the enterprise have a beneficial impact on society, through the efforts of enterprises to solve the social problems.

World-class enterprises: a world-class company's pattern, the main business scale and operating income can live in the forefront of the world; have a world-class enterprise work methods and institutional mechanisms; have a world-class professional and professional level of staff; Manufacturing level.

New energy companies: to grasp the development trend of the industry, into and lead the trend of new energy industries; we industrial chain resources for horizontal and vertical integration, to provide customers with integrated industrial chain services solutions to lead the new energy industry ecological evolution.

[Core values] sunshine way (sunwoda way)

Achievements of customers, self-criticism, integrity of the points, passionate struggle, teamwork


Code of conduct for employees

Abide by the laws, love the post, be professional, take the enterprise as the family, be honest, trust worthy, honest and self-disciplined.


Quality policy

Client orientation, excellent quality; abide by laws and regulations, economy and environmental protection; all staff participation, continuous improvement


Anti-bribery policy

Honest operation: all business activities of the company shall comply with the highest standards of honesty, and bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement in any form shall be prohibited;

No illegitimate gains: no bribery or other forms of illegitimate gains shall be offered or accepted;


Environmental safety policy

Compliance with regulations, prevention of pollution, people-oriented, safe operation, energy saving, continuous improvement.


Social responsibility policy

Uphold honest management, self-discipline, people-oriented, and fulfill social responsibilities.

The company effectively safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of employees and realizes the harmonious development of enterprises, employees and society.


Core ability to customer - centric, quality technology dual - drive system management capabilities

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